Narcissism or Confidence?

This isn’t about me, but it’s about me.

Let’s be honest, we don’t blog for others, we blog for ourselves.

‘No’, I hear you cry, ‘I write a blog to help others, to share my story!’. The intent was there, at one point, way back in the beginning, right? Well, for most of us I’d hope.

I’d like to say I’m writing this blog for you, simply, I’m writing this blog so I don’t go insane. But, the good thing is, you’re not reading this for me, you’re reading this for you. And there’s the beauty of it.

We like to be admired from afar, complimented up close and loved eternally.

We’ve all finished a book thinking, ‘I could write a story’, I’m educated and creative, how hard can it be? Well, we’ve all sat in chairs before, but could you build one?

But, must we not commend those who try? They still give out participation medals in Schools, right?

So, I’ve got my coffee and Mac book, let’s begin.



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